Adizes Management Style Indicator Questionnaire

Welcome to the Adizes Management Style Indicator (MSI).

Please note that the survey should be performed using : Google Chrome / Firefox Mozilla / Internet Explorer 11 / Safari only, with no touch features.

In case your default browser is different, simply copy the URL address to one of the browsers mentioned above and start the survey

Each of us has a “management style” that indicates our preferred way of thinking and behaving at work. Given identical circumstances, each one of us will see a situation differently, think differently, and therefore behave differently.

Understanding your own management style and the style of others you work closely with provides vital information for anyone that has to work in a collaborative team environment. Your role has a big influence on your management style. It is likely to vary if the responsibilities within your organization and your work environment were to change.

When answering these questions, to provide the proper context, please focus on a single role and working environment as you answer these questions.

This questionnaire consists of ranking 36 statements about situations and/or tasks that you regularly encounter in your daily work.

    Before starting we suggest:
  • Turn off your phone;
  • Ensure that you will not be disturbed for 20 minutes;
  • Do not over think each question as there are no “right or wrong” answers;
  • You can go back to change any of your answers before you submit all your answers;
  • Please rate the option which applies for each of the 4 statements. You must assign one "Fully Agree" to a response, one "Often Agree" to a response, one "Somewhat Agree" and one "Don't Agree".

Upon completion you will immediately receive an indication of your dominant management style.

The full report will be available via email or via your group administrator depending on how you have chosen to purchase it.